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  1. Kyriakos Hadjipanteli

    Kegging into a commercial keg from plastic fermenter

    I recently bought a commercial d style coupler keg from a friend's bar and was thinking to make a use of it, never kegged before. I ferment in a plastic bucket fermenter. I am just going to pour the beer using a long tube to eliminate oxygen. After I watched this video () I was thinking about...
  2. S

    Is fermentation completed?

    Hi, I'm hoping for a little guidance for my second attempt. What it is: a frozen juice concentrate of cranberry and apple in equal proportions, batch size= 5 gallons. I had read a recommended sugar loading of 3lbs per gallon, so 15lbs total to try for. However I didn't want to use any white...
  3. Walter Weißbier

    My first brew

    Hey everyone! I’m new to this forum and am starting my first Weißbier! Originally from Ireland and love German beer as I’ve visited a few times. Does it look okay so far? Only a hour or so into fermentation
  4. SaltedSeabass

    Initial Original Gravity is too high and I added yeast. What should I do?

    Hi all, so I think I now understand the hydrometer better the morning after I already added yeast to my first batch. I'm using Fleischmann’s active dry yeast, which has a cap ABV I've read of 12%. However my original gravity was over 1.140. If the gravity after fermentation ends on the average...
  5. P

    Mold on ten day perry brew

    it smells like normal cider now, its bubbling but looks like small specks of white\green mold. What should i do?
  6. SnyderCider

    Unpasteurized Cider

    I’m planning on doing a batch of hard cider with unpasteurized apple cider from a local farm. So far the only batch that I have done has been with pasteurized apple juice and yeast. Do you need to add yeast to something that is unpasteurized?
  7. SnyderCider

    When to notice yeast

    So I started fermenting about 12 hours ago. And I know that it says 24-48 hours for the effects to happen but is it normal for the cider to look like nothings changed in that time? Just want to make sure I didn’t mess anything up in the process.
  8. B

    First Time Making Cider & No Bubbles in Airlock

    So I tried making cider for the first time yesterday and I think I made a mistake because I can't see any bubbles in the airlock or in the fermentation vessel. Some background is that I wanted to try making a simple test cider before buying 5 gallons of apple juice and going all in. I got a 7...
  9. E

    Should I dump my beer?

    Beginner here, and made my first all grain brew, and when I was adding the yeast nutrient, I misread the instructions and thought it said 5 tablespoons, instead of teaspoons. I like an idiot added 5 tablespoons of yeast nutrient. I tried to remove it off the wort before it disappeared but it was...
  10. FoamyMugs

    First time making Mead

    so this summer, me and my father are going to be brewing our own mead for the first time, our goal is to make one sweet enough to down two pints without blinking but strong enough to regret the same action aha, I know it is a lot of trial and error but does anyone have any tips or recipes to get...
  11. J

    Beginner brewer questions.

    Ok so I’m new to home brewing. I’ve so far done 2 brews with the kits you buy online and it makes about 5 gallons or about 50 bottles. Both times they tasted great I was very pleased with the results... at first. After the 2 week carbonation process in bottles I put them all in the fridge I...
  12. D

    Does this look ok???

    Hi all, More noob questions (sorry) started my 2nd extract brew last week using mango jacks American pale ale. I’ve done my first test for the SPG before I add the hops. It’s not where it needs to be yet but, the sample I took has a lot of floaty bits in that I don’t remember seeing in my first...
  13. D

    Hydrometer confusion

    incoming noob!!! I recently purchased my first starter kit (Bulldog Micro Brewery - IPA - Starter Equipment and Beer Kit). I followed the instructions provided and have now also watched several videos on youtube. The pack came with a better brew hydrometer by hambletonbard. This hydrometer has...
  14. B

    Sour fruited Ipa

    I want to do a Pliny the Elder clone and add lactose, goodbelly mango and fruit. So can I brew the clone as the recipe says but just add lactose instead of corn sugar and just second ferment the fruit to make a Pliny sour fruited IPA ?
  15. adeac2117

    How to make a spirit-based hard seltzer

    Hey everyone, I am completely new to brewing and I have been trying to research how to use vodka as the alcohol source of my hard seltzer (similar to how High Noon does) instead of using yeast. I have seen a couple of things on the internet about blending water and vodka together until you...
  16. Sinisterdeer

    Racking time

    Okay I am having the darndest time figuring out my racking cane and how to get the siphon going.. I do not want to use my mouth if I dont have to. Any suggestions so that I dont risk contamination. Thank you!
  17. Stromboni

    Brewers Best NEIPA Modification (first time)

    I am just starting to brew my own beer so I got all of the supplies as well as a brewer’s best NEIPA extract kit so I can get started a little easier. I was looking at the hops involved, and I would like something a little fruiter so I bought 2oz of citra to use. Right now the recipe calls to...
  18. E

    Best White grape concentrate

    Hello everyone. I am new to wine making. Only worked with a few cheap kits so far, but I have noticed that the kits are essentially Concentrate, Yeast, Yeast Nutrient, and Finings. So I was thinking that the next step I should take is to try and create a wine by collecting together my own kit...