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    Not sure if i should dry hop Coopers brew a IPA

    Hi all Recently i have decided to brew a ipa from coopers, and i dont know if taste of kit itself is good and hoppy enough to yo leave it as it is or dry hopping it with 100g of cascade hops i have in my freezer. My point is, this is my third brew so i dont want to mess it up by dry-hopping a...
  2. K

    Can I use bottom fermenting yeast with a beer kit that comes with top fermenting yeas

    Hello, I want to start brewing beer, and I want to start off easy. So, I just want to buy a beer kit. The one I chose was Munton's American Light. Here is the problem, I am living here in Germany, long story, and the only place I can store beer is in the cellar. It has no heating and is...