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  1. K

    Harder to get carbonation when using beergun with CO2

    Hi! Everytime I use my Beergun and give each bottle a good spray with CO2 before filling the beer, the carbonation take forever. Sometimes up to 3-4 months. I use the same amount of primer as I always do. The only differense is the lack of oxygen in the bottle. Is that the reason? Does anyone...
  2. B

    Beer Gun

    Preferably looking for the newer model but will still gladly take the older one. Live in buffalo NY, if reasonable drive I would be willing to meet halfway or pick up. Otherwise shipping is the best option.
  3. Surly_goat

    Blichmann BeerGun V2 Cleaning

    Wondering how other people with this clean it after using it. I've just used mine for the first time and it makes sense to me that you really only need to remove the 2 tubes and rubber stopper for a 1 hr hot pbw soak. Does anyone clean or sanitize the handle? It shouldn't have had any beer...
  4. T

    Blichmann Beer Gun - No force carb to the keg beforehand

    Howdy yall, So it was my first time using the Blichmann beer gun the other day and bottled my beer straight from the fermenter with out force carbing the beer in a keg before-hand. I now know my bottles that are currently in my fridge will be under carbed because I didnt know it was a...