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  1. MarTeBrew

    How to learn your new Equipment?

    It was time to do a All-grain Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone on a new equipment 5-Gal HLT | 10-Gal MLT Thermos | 15-Gal Boil Kettle | pomp | plate chiller | for 5Gal of beer After the initial dry run to measure losses and how temp was holding during hot water circulation, I adjusted BS3, and this...
  2. ChaosB

    Estimating Efficiency for New System

    I'm a brand new brewer, working with my first recipe, a clone of MadTree Galaxy High obtained from the brewery. I've input the recipe into Beer Smith 3 to the best of my ability. With the listed brew house efficiency of 82.35%, I expect my system will be a bit lower than that. I will describe my...
  3. SmokeyRydr

    'NewB'rewer in Seattle

    Hi Everyone. I've been lurking on HBT for a while as I've been learning about brewing. Thanks to these forums and the guys at my local shop Brewhouse Provisions (, I've done ten 5-gallon batches so far. Including Strong Belgian Ales, Porters, IPAs...
  4. kansasbrew

    Trouble understanding sparge temp and beersmith

    My last batch efficiency was poor. (only second AG batch) I then realized that I probably sparged at too low a temp. Somehow BS had me sparging at 168. Don't know how that happened. So, I am looking at the Adjust Mash Temp tool. I plug in 0 for water volume assuming I have drained the mlt...