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    What should I brew next?

    Hey guys, I'm new to homebrewing. I have only brewed two extract beers and a couple of experimental wild sodas, ginger beers, and ciders. I'm interested in brewing some more proper beers (I only have the equipment to brew extract recipes for the time being), and I'd love some suggestions for...
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    Brewing Session Beers

    It wasn’t that long ago that if you had offered homebrewers and craft beer drinkers a low-impact, low-alcohol beer with approachable flavor, they would have scoffed. Real beer was meant to be big, bold, adventurous, and preferably have a sizable ABV (Alcohol by Volume). Oh, how times have...
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    How to Brew beer in an hour (or less)

    Let’s face it, most of us have jobs and other obligations that can sometimes make it hard to find the time to brew. So, brewing usually happens on the weekends. But what happens when life gets in the way, weekends fill up, but you still want to brew beer? Here’s a method to simplify the brewing...
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    How to Brew A Crowd Pleaser

    We have all been there. There is an event coming up that you want, or have been asked, to brew a beer for, and you want to brew up something that sets itself apart from the light lagers that so many are fond of while remaining accessible to those same light lager drinkers. It is a delicate...
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    Hefeweizen Yeast Selection Experiment

    One of the beers that made me enter the hobby of brewing was a nice and fluffy Paulaner hefe-eeissbier. It was the first hefeweizen I tasted and I fell in love instantly with the style: phenolic, estery, wheaty, refreshing, bubbly… simply delicious. Since then I tried to brew some examples of...
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    Formulating Balanced Beer Recipes

    I’ve spent a lot of time researching recipes for homebrewing, and everybody claims to have the best recipe that you need to try for yourself. I find this optimism refreshing since online reviews and comments are usually negative, but I also think homebrewers tend to be too optimistic about their...
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    Keeping Up With Trends: The New England IPA

    Whether "New England Style" (NE style) pale ales and IPAs are in fact new styles are a matter of some debate. While there are breweries outside of New England and even the northeast creating them, the style is most prevalent in New England. What isn't debatable is the impact these beers are...
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    6 Beginner Beer Recipes and Styles

    We find ourselves in a golden era of beer. There are more breweries open in the United States than ever before, with more and more opening every day. Countless styles and amazing quality are at our fingertips, and tips of our tongues, in nearly every city in the country. As homebrewers, this...
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    Brew with Shegogue

    This is the first article in a series entitled 'Brewing with Brett.' The series will detail Brett's approach and execution of brewing a batch of all-grain beer. Almost every aspect of crafting a brew can be dissected and discussed. In this series Brett will delve into some of that minutiae...
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    There's Nothin' to it but to Brew It! Developing your own Homebrew Recipes

    As you progress in homebrewing you will likely find yourself wanting to move away from the normal kit beers, and wanting create a beer of your own. Recipe development can be fun and very rewarding there is nothing like tasting an amazing beer made with your own recipe, a beer that would not...
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    How to Start Experimenting With Your Beer and Get Quick Wins

    What if you could have your own library full of successful homebrew experiments? It would have detailed notes, research, and your findings. You could use it as a powerful reference when crafting new recipes. "Hmm..what yeast strain should I go with in this sweet stout?" Off to your files you go...
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    Thinking Outside the Box

    We've all seen them at our local homebrew store; shelves filled with kits, tempting us, "Use me, I'm ready to brew, no thinking required." I heard a fellow homebrewer describe them as Betty Crocker brewing; just mix, boil, and enjoy. While there certainly are a lot of good things to say about...
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    5 Ways to Tweak Your Recipe...Without Touching a Single Ingredient

    Did you know you can radically alter a beer without changing the ingredients? One thing I love about brewing is all the tools available. First you have the ingredients: grains, hops, yeast strains, water profiles, herbs, spices, vegetables, wood, fruit.... Factor in different amounts, ratios...