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  1. V

    Storing BLC / Storing it cold

    In an effort to be more on top of cleaning my lines I am thinking about storing two smaller kegs I have, one filled with BLC and one filled with Starsans (Distilled Water solution) in my keezer. If I did this I was wondering if: 1. Does BLC hold up for long term storage in a keg? Probably...
  2. J

    Keezer to Bar Tap System

    Hi all! First post here.. I have a 4 tap dispenser I made that I attached to my bar. The keezer is on the opposite side of the wall where I will house my 4 kegs and CO2. I bought all my beer line (3/16" ID) and also purchased a 34 cfm tower chiller. The question I have is, the line that came...
  3. P

    Kegerator Line Question

    Hi All! New to the forum, hoping some of you can share some wisdom. I am hoping to change a rather dirty draft line and I encountered an issue when taking apart the kegerator coupler. Please see the attached photos. Can anyone tell me if that cinched piece of metal is closing the tube down...
  4. snarf7

    Kegerator beer lines with Perlick 650SS

    I'm new to all things kegging so I'm still learning the ropes. Got started on a keezer build this weekend. For my taps I'm using the Perlick 650SS, which feature a flow control adjuster on the side of each tap. This is my first experience with a kegerator/keezer setup so I'm getting ready to run...
  5. okiedog

    DuoTight tubing system from KegLand

    I just noticed this at Williams Brewing: Has anyone used these, or are they new?
  6. Nebraskan

    Longer beer hose , less foam??

    I have read on Amazon and others sites that longer hose for the beer (not gas) gives less foam in the beer. True or not true? If true, what is an optimum length of hose for my picnic tap from my 3 gallon kegs?