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    Homebrewing Year One: Equipment and Labels

    I started homebrewing early in 2016 with no knowledge and with what a store owner told me was "everything I needed." With every batch I brewed, I made mistakes, sought out more advice, and acquired more equipment. Now, after nine batches, I finally feel confident that when I invest time on brew...
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    Creating Vector Beer Labels in Inkscape

    ***READ BEFORE CONTINUING: This is not an Inkscape tutorial. There are already a ton of these across the web that will explain the software better than I can. This is a guide to developing ideas, layouts, and graphical components of a label.*** What is the first thing you notice when having a...
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    Seven Sizzling Summer Labels

    Today were going to take a look at some of the more eye catching labels submitted to HomeBrewTalk this summer. Homebrewing is unique in that you get to decide where to devote your talent and energy. Some of us, me included, dont have an artistic bone in our bodies and so we sit behind our...
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    Beer Can Mock Up for labels ?

    Has anyone designed any labels for 16 oz cans? If you have, do you have a mockup in photoshop/illustrator that you care to share?