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  1. F

    how can I modify a Brew Kit to brew fruit beer?

    Hello all, first post here. I recently got a gift from work, I got a Brooklyn Brew Kit: Everyday IPA. This is the first time I have entertained the idea of making beer and I was wondering if there was a way to modify this specific kit to brew a lighter fruit beer. I am in Miami so I have access...
  2. Neoreaver

    To beer kit, or not to beer kit...

    That is my question. Hello all, I'm looking to get into beer brewing this fall, and I've found a wonderful 5 gallon kit on Northernbrewer for a measly 120 bucks. I already make mead and cider, so I have a bunch of 1 gallon carboys, tubing, siphon, etc. Could I in any way build my own kit for...
  3. C

    Isinglass in non-pressurized Fermentasaurus

    Hi folks, First time posting here. I brew canned beer kits in a non pressurized Fermentasaurus at around 21-22 degrees C. I bought a little pouch of Isinglass for my next brew to make the beer more clear. I normally leave my brew in the tank for 14 days emptying the collection bottle on day 7...
  4. B

    Steeping Grains, Beer Kits and Fermentables

    I'm a bit lost. I've made 4 kits now, 2 requiring sugars or other fermentables to be added, 2 where they were already in the extract. So far, so good. I'm now ready to move to the experimentation stage and start adding hop teas and perhaps steeped grains but I'm a bit confused by steeping...