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  1. Hoppy2bmerry

    New York 25th Annual Brew Off Homebrew Competition

    Click the link to register and get your entries in- 25th Annual BEER Brew Off There’s a limit of 200 paid entries, so don’t miss out! Almost back to normal! The club used to have this event at Great South Bay, in Bayshore, NY but the brewery has grown and couldn’t accommodate the competition...
  2. C

    Studying for the BJCP Exam

    So you want to become a beer judge? Good for you! Not only will you be helping yourself by expanding your knowledge of beer, brewing and sensory evaluation but you’ll be helping others improve their brewing as well. An admirable goal! But how do you go about becoming a beer judge? You must first...
  3. T

    Drink Like A Beer Judge

    When people find out I'm a beer judge, they usually have a wide array of responses. Anything ranging from "Lucky you! Free beer!" to "Aren't all beers the same?" to "What's that supposed to mean?" Sometimes there are even people who are aware of beer judging and have negative opinions of...