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  1. stouttanksandkettles


    Many brewers are buying 1 bbl pilot systems right now. But not all pilot systems are created equal. We packed our 1 bbl Pilot Pro with as many professional grade features as we could fit, and built the system with the same high standards for quality we use in all of our larger brewing systems...
  2. R

    Basic Brew Kit for Sale

    Basic home brew kit for sale Only used once Purchased from Austin Homebrew Supply Perfect gift for someone starting out Kit includes everything you need plus extras, such as: 37 bottles bottle caps $30 Pickup in North Austin
  3. R

    Hydrometer reading

    I have just bottled my first batch, and i didn't quite understand how the hydrometer reading works.. My OG was 1.090 and the one after fermentation was 1.040, can someone tell me what it means? Thanks and sorry for the ignorance.