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    Which beer is good for health?

    Hello friends , Beer is one of the drinks with health and beauty benefits if everyone knows how to use it. But not all beer is clean and safe. Can you share about safe and delicious beers? Since I also want to open a beer dealer, I should consult everyone. Thank you everyone for taking an...
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    Carbonation levels and CO2 charts

    Hi, new member here. =) I have been looking at information about the CO2 charts and I have a few questions: 1. Is there analytical data about how long it should take to reach a certain volume at a certain pressure and temperature? I'm considering light beers/sodas for this question, and even...
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    Objectively Judging Your Homebrew

    I've seen this and similar statements posted several times around the forum: "If you don't submit your beer to contests, you don't know if your beer is good". The point they are making is that without having a contest score associated with your beer--OR--a large homebrew club sampling with BJCP...