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  1. MaxStout

    Minnesota Propane burner, glass carboys, O2 regulator, stainless mesh dry hop tubes

    [Deleted by author]
  2. T

    Minnesota Fermenter's Favorite Coolers for Sale, Misc. Other Things

    Looking to clear some space out as I seem to just keep expanding, and not downsizing. Prices are all listed at the end of the title. Everything is in great condition. Can provide pictures later; just not at the moment as I'm not at home. Fermenter's Favorite cooler system - $150 OBO Bought...
  3. Washington_Brewologist

    Got a new burner (Bayou Classic) need some advice on boiling wort!

    Hello fellow brew nerds. I recently upgraded my propane burner from a Walmart turkey fryer(With a god awful cooking timer which required bypassing) to a Bayou Classic burner. With my last burner, I had to struggle just to keep the damn thing from shutting off during the boil and had no issue...
  4. excaptn

    bayou classic burnt paint

    I am not sure If I got a fake produce, or if this is what is expected of the product. I bought a bayou classic sp10 high pressure cooker of CL for 20 bucks. I fired it up tonight for my first 5 gallon batch and had a good deal of smoke and bad fumes for the first 20-30 minutes. After I racked...