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  1. IdahoBrewing

    Same Grain Bill For Different Beers

    I have recently made the leap from a 15 gallon system to a 1 bbl system. This upgrade has been great but it was a little fast (growing pains) and now I am left with more beer than I can get rid of. For efficiency sake and to make the best use of my equipment... Can anyone think of a grain bill...
  2. D

    A Comparison Of Homebrew Sparging Techniques, Including BIAB

    Malted two-row barley is mixed with water at a prescribed temperature and allowed to rest until the starches of the malted barley are converted into fermentable sugars. This is called the saccharification rest. The sugary liquid (wort), must be separated from the wet grain (the mash) and this is...
  3. H

    Same Batch, Different results

    Brewing 10 gallon batches using the BIAB method. I divide the wort into two buckets for fermenting and add the yeast (US-05 dry). Both buckets are fermenting side by side and when it is time to keg the beer, one bucket is clearly more robust in flavour than the other. After the two weeks of...