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batch size

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  1. TspoonO9

    Boil Size smaller than Batch Size?

    I'm a beginning brewer and am looking into simple extract recipes for a piney pale ale/IPA. I noticed some recipes will have a boil size considerably smaller than the batch size (e.g. boil size = 3 gallon & batch size = 5.5 gallon). Does this mean I brew at 3 gallons, then add additional water...
  2. Dale Owen

    Priming sugar for multiple batch sizes

    I brewed a five gallon Belgian blond from extract. I'm experimenting with yeasts I harvested. I made a 3 gallon batch using the yeast that came with the kit and two 1 gallon batches using the yeasts I harvested. I'm getting ready to bottle. Regarding priming sugar, I have two dilemmas. First...
  3. bigpal

    No fermentation after 48 hours

    I just did a light pilsner batch, OG was right on target at 1.049. I pitched 48 hours ago, and still no activity. I had a small cake at the top right from the start, and now its gone, and I've seen no swirling activity indicative of fermentation. I pitched with a White Labs actuator, standard...