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  1. jamorgan3777

    Brewhardware's Steam Slayer First Impressions

    First Impression: WOW I am getting back into brewing after about a year hiatus and what drew me back was the idea that I could address the vapor management issues I had been having with my new setup. Before my hiatus, I had moved operations into a nice, remodeled basement location and...
  2. R

    Basement Brewery Walls

    I am in the process of moving my Brew operations (will be Electric) to the basement. I am trying to figure out what material I should use to cover the back wall of the brew area. The back wall is a concrete block wall. Previously I had water proofed the wall with 2 good coats of DryLok paint...
  3. N

    Makeup air calculation confusion

    I want to start brewing in my basement. My pot will sit directly below a window and my plan is to make a diy hood like others have done here on the forum and exhaust directly out the window. I have a 120v Boilcoil that I use for 2-3 gallon batches and I am eyeing up a 500 CFM fan for the...