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  1. mike022

    Bourbon-Maple barrel First

    Hello all, I just purchased a whiskey barrel that was used for Vermont maple syrup aging directly from the syrup maker. I have never aged my beer in oak and have many questions. The first question is how to prep the barrel for my first brew? I have read a lot that says use boiling water only...
  2. C

    Oak Barrel Musty Smell...

    Hello, Found an old 10 gal oak barrel that was previously used for red wine. The barrel was stored empty in a basement for a long time. It's in great condition but the inside smells like old musty basement... Do you think there's a way of cleaning out that smell or should I just it as a...
  3. M

    Stainless Steel 1/2 Barrel Single Tier Pilot Brewing System

    Stainless Steel 1/2 Barrel Single Tier Pilot Brewing System On Ebay Price: $4,000.00
  4. J

    Beers With A Wine Influence

    The explosion of craft breweries in recent years has led to innovative new brewing techniques and exciting new flavors. Some breweries have begun to borrow flavors and techniques from wine-making, either by fermenting their beer with grape juice or grape must, or by aging the finished beer in...
  5. gaburko

    Virgin oak barrel

    I got my hands on a virgin oak barrel (30l) medium toast, French oak. Has anyone use a virgin one to age beer? I understand that it will provide oak flavor really quickly so planning to leave the first couple of beers only for a short time. My ultimate plan is for this to become a souring...
  6. Hoppy2bmerry

    Bourbon barrels till 5/27 Free shipping too
  7. cactusgarrett

    DIY Bulldog

    With the impending initiation of a 25 gallon solera program in a recently acquired bourbon barrel from a local distillery, I was quickly faced with the issue of how, a year from now, I will dispense the portion to be removed. Enter the Bulldog! I didn't feel like paying $300-$500 for a...
  8. M

    Good brand of 5 liter oak barrel?

    I'm looking to get a small oak barrel to age a Baltic porter (or something even more toxic). I've used 2 barrels in the past, but it was long enough ago to where I don't remember the brands. I'm trying to spend under $100, and while there seems to be several good choices around $80, I wanted...
  9. NWOKBrewer

    DIY Whiskey Barrel stand w/barrel rotation wheels!?

    Yup, that's what I want to talk about. Anyone have any ideas on how to build a stand for my whiskey barrel (55g) where I can spin by barrel? I'd like to be able to spin the barrel to drain from the bung hole. Casters? While you guys are thinking about that, what about a DIY bung remover? Go!
  10. NWOKBrewer

    Oak Barrel Aging Question

    First time post...apologies if this isn't the correct area. I didn't see any section for aging, so I thought I'd drop it in here. I recieved an Oak Barrel from a friend at a local brewery in OKC. The brewery used it once to age one of their seasonal beers. I've had it for a few months in my...
  11. K

    Converting Firkin to Al barrel for Solera project

    Hey all, I got this 9-10 gallon aluminum firkin from a friend. It is clean and never been used. Rather than using it to serve cask ales, I wanted to use it as a barrel for a solera project making neutral sour aged beers. I would like to get a valve on the keystone bung that I can use to take...
  12. E

    Serving out of a Barrel

    Hi all! I have this barrel and I want to serve a porter out of it in an upcoming event for my homebrew club. I want this beer somewhat carbonated - should I carbonate it before putting it in the barrel or should I do a very tiny bit of cask conditioning? I know the barrel probably can't hold...
  13. W

    Film yeast in the cider barrel

    I have 198 gallons of cider fermenting in 6 carboys, 2 brandy barrels, and one plastic barrel. The last pressing was used to fill the plastic barrel, and by the time I got it in the basement, I was exhausted from cidermaking and had to attend to a bunch of other things in my life. As a result...