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  1. T

    Emulating Bourbon Barrel Aging

    If you love barrel aged beer like I do, you have probably thought about brewing a big beer and adding those wonderful barrel flavors to your beer. Aging your beer on wood will add some complexity to your beer and introduce some great new flavors. Aging in a barrel is the most recognized way to...
  2. Franktalk

    Charred Pieces of Oak in Barrel; Will They Settle Out of My Barleywine

    I resurrected a whiskey barrel that I'd had for a couple years. It looked clean--no mold. I had some grains to get rid of, so I made a barleywine and figured I'd put it in the barrel and ad to its character by barrel aging it. I soaked the keg with almost boiling water to rehydrate and swell it...
  3. GCGBrewing

    Fixing a gap in staves in a bourbon barrel

    I bought a small (8-10g?) barrel about 3-4 years ago. I haven't had a chance to put any beer in it, so the only thing that has ever been in it is Whiskey. I am finally at a point where I am able to brew something to put in it, but found an issue today while looking it over. On the bottom...
  4. H

    BA Rye IPA

    Any tips for recipe formulation for a rye IPA to be aged in a whiskey barrel? This will be the second beer headed into the barrel. I plan on a boiled water rinse prior to transfer after primary fermentation. Was considering potentially making a hot hop tea to use for my barrel rinse, but not...
  5. Magnum25

    Bourbon barrel newbie

    Thinking of buying a newly emptied bourbon barrel from a local distillery. Is it feasible to put 10 or 15 gallons into a 25 gallon bourbon barrel or is that just looking for trouble?
  6. N

    Barrel Aging

    Hello everyone! I'm planning to prepare my own vermouth at home and then age it in an oak barrel (around 10L). WAIT, I know this is a Beer forum. I've been home brewing beer for several years now. I'm thinking AFTER I drink all that vermouth, I wanted to brew beer and then use that barell to...
  7. W

    Aging it in a barrel

    So I am a beginner in brewing so sorry if some of these are basic questions. And I’ve been looking into aging my cider in an old whiskey or bourbon barrel and I have a few questions. First is if I put 30 gallons of fermented cider into 50 gallon barrel, would that extra space do anything to ruin...
  8. GhostNeck

    Barrel headspace secondary concerns

    Greetings. I've been digging around on this topic and haven't quite found what I'm looking for. I might not be asking the right question though :). We have a 30 gallon used wine barrel that we filled by doing three 10 gallon batches in one day (that was a good experience in itself). When...
  9. DerrickMorse

    Gingered Irish Red aged in Buffalo Trace whiskey barrel

    Several of us fellas in Denver will be doing a "going away" brew for our friend who happens to be a ginger and loves whiskey. Here is the recipe:Partial mash 1lb of Colorado 2 row 1/2lb Special Roast 1/2lb Cara Red 1/2lb Crystal 75 8lbs of extract light 2oz of grated ginger at 10...