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  1. TheOriginalDBS

    Oatwine Recipe

    Hey folks, looking for feedback on a 4.5 gal BIAB (all grain) oatwine recipe. Percentages are as I’ve plugged them into Beersmith. OG 1.099 Est FG 1.019 Est IBU 34.8 Bitterness ratio 0.352 Single infusion mash 149°F for 90 minutes 41.2% Riverbend Streaker Naked Malted Oats 35.3% Rabbit Hill...
  2. Climb

    Seeking advice on Brettanomyces

    Hello HomebrewTalk: I am seeking some advice pertaining to using Brettanomyces, which I have no experience with. I have a barleywine that I brewed in March, 2016 that didn’t fully carbonate in the bottle and tastes too sweet. It went from an OG of 1.098 to a FG of 1.018 with WLP013 (London...
  3. TheOriginalDBS

    Does excess bitterness fade over extended aging?

    Hey Everyone! Long time reader of this forum, but a seldom poster. After 10+ years of homebrewing, I decided to brew an english barleywine. I love rye, and have a sack of rye malt to use, so I created a recipe with 32% rye malt. Here's the recipe: 6 gallons OG: 1.100 FG: still fermenting...
  4. jayjay

    Looking for a good barleywine recipe

    Hi guys So i wanna make my first barleywine, however after browsing the internet it seems to me that there are very few recipes with good brewer feedback. My plan is to make it on my 40l system (is this big enough for a 5 gal batch?), ferment it, and then mature it in kegs on bourbon soaked...
  5. Summa_Brewologica

    The high abv trend

    I have been finding it difficult to understand and enjoy beers much higher than 8% abv. 10-11% if it is a stout and it is done perfectly. I have a friend that won’t even consider beers that are less than 10%. In most cases, IMO, the alcohol takes over and ruins the beer when it gets much higher...
  6. P

    Est ABV maxed out at 10% (Beersmith)

    Hi All, Creating a recipe for a barleywine and never gone up to 9%abv so far and as I'm adding malt to my recipe, the abv stopped incrementing after 10%. Is there a reason for that? Cheers,
  7. A

    Yeast starter for a barleywine

    So I made a few litres of sweet wort the other day and froze it.. og 1.042 with the intent to boil, cool, and pitch for a starter as needed. I will be using white labs super high gravity for the starter for a barleywine and was curious of the best approach. Now my preference is to not pitch all...
  8. M

    Over Attenuated BarleyWine - What to do?

    My friend and I brewed a barleywine with that went from 1.110 to 1.014 in 4 days!!! What can I say...I make good starters...anyways, it's still fermenting and I really don't want it to drop any further as its already a bit drier than i wanted it to be. We mashed at 150 so I'm really surprise...
  9. H

    Rye Wine Decoction and Partigyle Brew Day

    So last weekend, I had planned for a big brew day with ~25lbs of grain, close to 50% rye malt. In order to not worry much about a stuck mash, I planned for a BIAB in my 9 gallon kettle. Worst case, I would use ~1qt/lb for my mash thickness. First thing to go wrong was as I was filling my...
  10. HerbivorousBrewer

    Barleywine - 5 Gal - Mash tun not big enough

    Hi guys, I'm a fairly new All Grain brewer (2 batches so far... haven't tasted them yet, but excited for them to be ready!!), but have brewed a few extract batches. Now looking to make a Barleywine. I haven't picked a recipe yet, but I've tried making a high gravity beer in my mash tun, only...
  11. K

    Is my fermentation stuck - Barleywine

    I've been a homebrewer for nearly 4 years. I brewed a Barleywine with an OG of 1.102. I used Omega Yeast - British Ale I - OYL-006. I made a starter that doubled in size. I used a blowoff tube because my 5.5 gallon batch became a 6.25 gallon batch in a 6.5 gallon fermenter. At day 3, I checked...
  12. T

    Barleywine Secondary Fermentation Temperature

    Hi everyone. I brewed a barleywine using WY1028 last Saturday and started fermentation at 64F (18C). After high krausen I ramped up to 70F (21C) and plan to hold it there until the 3-4 week mark. Afterwards, I plan to transfer to secondary for bulk aging for at least 6 months. My question is -...