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  1. K

    Looking for Joe White Maltings reviews

    Hi! We're getting a steady supply of Joe White malts in our area soon but I haven't had much experience with the brand. For some reason, I'm having trouble finding any user reviews online and the only thing that comes up when I search for info on it is an old article about Joe White getting...
  2. alastairblake

    Choosing heritage/landrace barley and wheat for lambic style beer

    Hey HomebrewTalk, A farmer friend has agreed to sow some old landrace / heritage barley and wheat for me to brew with. I am seeking help to identify the best varieties to plant. These grains are being targeted for use in brewing true-to-form Lambic and Gueuze beer. I plan on using the...
  3. ProhibitionBrewer

    Choosing Grain in a Prohibition Country

    Hello all, I'm a bit overwhelmed trying to source some grains in Saudi Arabia. I am a first time brewer, and I understand that this will be an uphill battle given my location and lack of experience, but I have had fair luck with sourcing brewing supplies so far. Everything is sorted except for...
  4. B

    Is my dry stout too "simple"?

    Hi all. I recently put together a keg setup and thus revived my beer brewing motivation for the first time in 3.5 years - great! I'm almost through the first keg and I'm looking to brew a quick turn around beer. I like roasty beers so the dry stout seemed like an obvious choice (roast to mask...
  5. H

    grow your own grain

    Any one have info on where to buy grain seed? I bought some 2 row from Johney's seeds but would like some other kind to try. Must be the kind for making beer not to feed animals or cleaning your pond. Mike