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  1. Golddiggie

    For Sale NH - Monster Mill MM2

    Bought in 2011(ish). Went with the options of the 2" diameter, hardened steel, rollers. Plenty of life still in them since they're not showing any wear. Comes with the base and hopper (no hopper extension). If you plan to motorize this, I have the half of the coupling that Monster sells that can...
  2. bgs8884

    Sold Barley Crusher - 7lb grain mill

    7lb Barley Crusher grain mill for sale Local Pickup in Yardley PA 19067 $50
  3. H

    Equipment for sale pick up only

    DB86A623-D4AA-46EA-921A-EE23617C3657 by hops4me posted May 20, 2018 at 7:42 PM,homebrew equipment for sale pick up only make offer some or all Colma ca 94014 All for $300 books for $20
  4. Dubcut

    Boston/Mass exclusive!

    Hey guys, new years res, not drinking for a year, so I'm selling off a lot of my brewing stuff to make room for my new wood lathe. This includes: $60 each (4) - ball lock 3 gallon keg (2 are missing a keg post but are fundamentally sound otherwise.) $30 - 5 gallon keg (3/4 full with saison...