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  1. ivangrajales

    Building Kegerator for my New Restaurant Bar

    Hi Everyone! First of all thanks for taking your time to reply to my question. Here it goes: I’m opening in a couple of months a bar/restaurant and I will like to have a kegerator. But I will like to built it my self. Therefore, I want to know what’s the recommended size for a business and...
  2. E

    Collared keezer and adding rinser

    So, I am pondering putting a glass rinser in my lil homebrew bar. I am struggling with trying to find a good mount area for the rinser. I have a 8 tap, 22cf, collared keezer. Wondering what your thoughts might be on where/how to mount the rinser. Would mounting directly to the wall next to the...
  3. FloppyKnockers

    Another bar build - Speakeasy style

    Hello all. I bought a house about a year ago and there was a little odd space off the living room that was dimly lit and otherwise useless for anything I would need so I threw the kegerator there, stacked some milk crates around for shelves, and hung some crap on the walls while I got to other...