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  1. F


    Hi, everybody. Im Fizi and im so glad to be part of this community! I know it's only for introduction sheet for new member and we should write only about our self in a short term. Anyway, I and my colleague just start our homemade banana fermentation. So far so good actually. They go as much as...
  2. jayjay

    Banana Split Recipe - how to add banana to beer

    Hi fellow brewers So i want to experiment with a milk stout by "dry hopping" with toasted cacaonibs, vanilla and banana process to imitate a banana split dessert. However, i am worried that raw banana might contain too much fat to work properly in the beer, so i am thinking of using...
  3. T

    Ugandan Waragi Recipe

    Hey all, I´ve seen this video on youtube and it was pretty interesting, since Im a rookie at the distilling game I wanna know what you guys think... [link removed] If you could let me know about it that would be great. Cheers Guys.
  4. Schlenkerla

    Weissbier Schneider & Sohn Original German Hefe Weizen Ale

    Hans-Peter Drexler's Recipe for Authentic Weissbier - Masterbrewer for Scheider & Sohn. Lifted from Secrets of Master Brewers. By Jeff Alworth The Book - Google Search Grain Bill 5.33 lbs of German or French Wheat Malt 3.5 lbs of German Pilsner Malt Step Mash Mash in at: 95F for 10...
  5. Schlenkerla

    Magilla Gorilla Takes A Banana Holiday

    Ok - I awhile back I decided on Memorial day to make my Banana Beer. This year its a stout. The last banana beer was a Dubbel Fat Tire Clone. This year its gonna be a chocolate & banana sweet milkshake stout. Its a sweet stout by style but between the cocoa, banana, the malt selection and...
  6. F

    Bananas and Extra Dark Malt Extract

    Hi guys first post here. Ive used a few brew kits, but this will be my first time using my own recipe and i want it to go well! I was inspired by a recipe in a book called Sacred and Healing Herbal Beers or something like that.. Anyway, I am wondering if bananas, and one pound of extra dark...
  7. Ouroboros

    Ester/Phenol Balance in Weizen

    I'm a huge fan of a hefeweizen or a dunkelweizen in a hot summer day, but with some commercial brews I feel like the ester taste/aroma seems to dominate the spicy phenolic component by the end of the glass. The level of banana in Franziskaner or Paulaner are plenty for my tastes. I hear some...
  8. R

    Off Flavors!!!

    Hello all. Got a question about some off flavors. I recently brewed three batches of beer, one a porter, an IPA and a Smashing pumpkin ale for the wifey. I just started kegging beer after building a new kegerator out of an old freezer. After racking and force carbing these three batches I am...