baltic porter

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  1. tennesseean_87

    Baltic Porter

    I need a winter warmer for an upcoming club competition, and I have a 34/70 yeast cake from which I'm about to rack a Munich Dunkel. I figured a Baltic Porter would be a nice beer to do do--not too strong that it'll need to age a ton, not too roasty, etc. Here's what I'm thinking: 75%...
  2. aroland8517

    High Gravity Baltic Porter

    High Gravity Baltic Porter (Extract & Steeped Grain) Recipe Volume: 5 gallons Boil Volume: 3 gallons Yeast: WLP099 - Super High Gravity Yeast Malts: Muntons Dry Amber Malt Extract - 5.0 lbs. Briess Liquid Munich Malt Extract - 6.0 lbs. (@ Knockout) Crystal Malt (80 L) - 0.5 lbs...