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  1. B

    Ball valve sizes

    Hello and thank you always for the help I did not see this come up on old post so I’m making this new thread. My last brew was my first time using a new set up. My sparge gave me the numbers I wanted and it worked out in the end but I felt like I could have done better. I was using a rotating...
  2. Golddiggie

    For Sale WTS: Cam lock fittings, three piece ball valves, HERMS coil and sight tube

    Selling off hardware I'm not using. Plus items from my HLT since I need to replace it (I screwed up with the position of the fittings welded into it for the HERMS coil relative to element placement). Cam lock fittings: 8 male with female thread [type A] $3 each 14 male with male thread [type F]...
  3. A

    Georgia All Grain Plastic Coolers $80

    2 ten gallon rubbermaid coolers with ball valves and one of the coolers comes with a false bottom. Used for...well I'm sure y'all know what they are used for.