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  1. B

    Ball valve sizes

    Hello and thank you always for the help I did not see this come up on old post so I’m making this new thread. My last brew was my first time using a new set up. My sparge gave me the numbers I wanted and it worked out in the end but I felt like I could have done better. I was using a rotating...
  2. T

    How to Install A Ball Valve on Your Kettle

    You have weighed the options, done the math, and made the decision that it is cheaper to modify your own brew kettle than to buy one with the ball valve already installed. Now the prospect of taking a drill to your pristine stainless steel kettle is a bit daunting. Hopefully I will be able to...
  3. Crashlaz

    1 1/2" tri-clamp fittings!

    im looking for some tri-clamp style fittings. looking for a temp gauge preferably adjustable, ball valve, and just any one with this style let me know what you got and i might be interested. also any 1/2" npt quick connect fittings. putting together new brew system, just bought 30 gallon kettles...
  4. M

    Pennsylvania Tri Clamp Quick Clean Ball Valves - 5 available

    I have 5 quick clean ball valves for sale. Used for about 5 brew sessions each. These sell for $40 new on Brewers Hardware. I am looking for $30 each. That is a 25% savings off new. I will ship them if buyers pays cost. Best bet is likely a USPS flat rate box due to the weight. Paypal, Zeale, or...
  5. U

    Illinois Cleaning and other Brewing Parts - $125

    Purging equipment from recent upgrades -pictures of each item below: CIP Spray Ball - ss brewtech - 3" triclamp with 1/2" NPT $30 2 Butterfly valves - brewers hardware 1.5" triclamp - $45/each or both for $80 PENDING - Ball valve - ss brewtech 3 piece with 1.5" triclamp and 3/4" NPT $35...
  6. Nebraskan

    Very Nice Ball Valve with built it Male NPT 1/2"

    I have a few 1/2" ball valves that have Female NPT on both ends requiring to usually buy a male thread couple to attach to a kettle or such. I found one on Amazon that was cheap as they get, and had what I was looking for. It has a Male NPT thread on the one end, and Female 1/2" NPT on the...