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  1. E

    For Sale SF Bay area - 5 gallon Ball Lock Corny Kegs $25 each

    Very good condition - these have held a lot of beer. I converted to 2.6gal (10l) kegs a while ago and these are no longer being used. Ball valves with strong springs and secure connections. $25 each. Would prefer local pickup - Let me know if you want to have them shipped for extra cost.
  2. colinpizarek

    For Sale Grainfather, Sparge Water Heater, Kegerator, Kegs for sale - North Chicago Suburbs

    I’m a long-time reader of these forums (lost my old account, I just now re-registered) and have decided I need to downsize some of my equipment and let somebody else get some use out of it. I’m located in the north suburbs of Chicago and open to in-person exchanges at a neutral site. You bring...
  3. Golddiggie

    For Sale NH - Electric brewing gear (3 vessel system plus)

    Looking to sell off my electric brewing system as well as all related gear. Need the space for other things, as well as to recover SOME of what I've spent to put into the new house fund. Since I haven't used any of this gear since December 2021, and the reasons listed above, time to sell. IF I...