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  1. I

    Coopers lager is yeasty, fizzy with no head

    Hi, My first coopers lager batch went perfectly well however this time it did not. I did exactly the same as the instructions told me for the first kit however this time I used the brew enhancer 3 instead of 2. I also used half a teaspoon of sugar for each bottle instead of 2 carbonation drops...
  2. I

    2nd Coopers homebrew gone wrong

    Hi, After my first successful homebrew of the Coopers Lager kit, I decided to do another batch. However even after 6 months in bottles my beer has just turned out very fizzy with no head whatsoever and a yeasty taste and has not got better over time at all. I am very confused as to why as I...
  3. Martynn

    Has my cider gon bad

    Hi iv new to browing and iv just finished the fermentashon of a cider kit but its clady and has a funny smell to it. Iv have tryed a little ant it tast bitter. Has it gone bad? Thank you in advans
  4. I

    Stinky Beer - Batch gone bad.

    Hi I did a Woodefordes Wherry kit on Sunday and it has been bubbling away since. I looked at it this morning and smelt the gas coming out of the airlock and it seemed pretty. good. I just popped in to check it tonight and it stank! It actually smelt a but like rotten eggs although my wife...