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  1. Alaska_Mat

    Is this Infected

    Hello I have to ask if my beer looks like it's going bad? I did my research and all the different pictures really have me confused. Attached are 2 pictures. Looking for any advice. This is my first batch ever made. Mathew Alaska
  2. D

    Does this look ok???

    Hi all, More noob questions (sorry) started my 2nd extract brew last week using mango jacks American pale ale. I’ve done my first test for the SPG before I add the hops. It’s not where it needs to be yet but, the sample I took has a lot of floaty bits in that I don’t remember seeing in my first...
  3. JAReeves

    Find the Bug!

    Okay, Community, here goes. The last two batches I have made (1 lager, 1 APA) both have come down with the same off flavor. Dull, cardboardey, faintly metallic, essentially nasty. Lagering does not help. I poured the lager into the garden after almost 6 weeks of no change, but the APA is new...
  4. N

    Help - Is this an infected batch?

    Hi Homebrewers - so I’ve finally dusted off the equipment I’ve had stored for years to try out my first 5 gallon batch. Took the easy route and picked up one of the Coopers IPA kits where you just need to add DME and pitch the yeast. Got to thinking that this was too easy so I harvested some...