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  1. D

    Getting Maple Syrup Flavor & Working with Bacon

    Maple syrup is a fully fermentable sugar, so brewing with maple syrup will contribute to the alcohol content of your beer, but not necessarily the flavor. Whether you add the maple syrup to the mash, boil or bottle, brewing yeast will remove all of that natural taste. Luckily a few little tricks...
  2. J

    Beer with bacon?!

    Trying to connect things that I love, beer and bacon obviously. 1. What style of beer would be appropriate to be brewed with bacon (I was thinking porter/stout). 2. When to add bacon? During mash, boil or afterwards? And at what times (minutes)
  3. Sigafoos

    Bacon beer. Yeah. I said it.

    My friend recently moved back to town and has been interested in brewing with me. He loves the bacon vodka idea in olllllo's sig, so we'll be making some of that, and also has demanded that we make bacon beer. Now, before you throw up in your mouth a bit, I don't think it's that dumb of an...