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  1. dpaola2

    Backyard brewing: how/where to drain all this water?

    Just what the title says. I brew in my backyard and don't have much in the way of drainage anywhere. Wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks for how to effectively get rid of water - for example, using an immersion chiller uses a lot of water, not to mention the cleaning of everything as well...
  2. yarrowgirl

    Backyard Mini-Brewery Almost Complete!

    My husband (I'm the brewer, not him) built me this awesome and compact space for me to brew in! I am looking into getting a Robobrew all-in-one electric system to go in the empty space, though I do have everything I need to brew with my current 5-gallon system. We don't have a lot of room, but I...
  3. HemlockHomebrewer

    Brewing when you're broke . . .

    I guess I'm crossing a threshhold into a new era a brewing here. I went into the brew store and realized I could only afford a couple packs of yeast and a 5# bag of priming sugar. I'm thinking through a new approach to beer, namely, brewing from the backyard. I'm trying to figure out how to...