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  1. HonestlyJely

    Bentonite before or after Fermentation?

    Hi! So I'm coming up with my first mead recipe / process and am thinking I might use Bentonite AND Sparklloid to help me mead clear quickly. According to many winemakers online they like to add Bentonite to their must so that it circulates during primary fermentation. (They do caution to not...
  2. Sir Becket's Brew Haus

    First Cider Batch - Questions on Back Sweetening

    As a fairly regular beer-brewer, I'm anxious to bottle my first batch of hard cider... mine is based on Honeycrisp apples (a personal favorite that I hope will be just as awesome as a hard cider). Tomorrow marks the 30 day "patience" period so theoretically, it will be ready for bottling...
  3. ConSolo

    Backsweetening with store-bought juice blend...?

    Hey guys, super new to home brewing (Santa got me a cidermaking kit where you use store bought juice.) I’m 3rd batch in, first 2 were super dry (as expected.) I’ve read a decent amount about backsweetening and it kickstarting secondary fermentation, how to stop it, fear of ‘sploding bottles...
  4. S

    Sorbate/Sulfite calculation

    Hello, I would like to get in touch with someone, who can help me figure out how much sorbate and sulfite to add to a bottle carbonated cider, which I am going to degorge and in the proces back sweeten with a fermentable sweetener. Would anybody be so kind? Best regards, Simon