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  1. rockittear

    Adding more honey and calculating abv

    I started my first batch of mead about a week ago and fear I lost a lot of honey in the process (didn’t scrape up as much as I could’ve). I have a possible abv of about 9% and it’s a five gallon batch. I used Lalvin EC-118, which wasn’t my first choice, but I used it for its wide temperature...
  2. V

    Monk Fruit

    So you may have heard of Dog Fish Heads beer Slightly Mighty --- its a low carb IPA sweetened with Monk Fruit. I am currently doing keto and its intrigued me and I wondered if anyone else has tried or is going to try using Monk Fruit in their beers. My thoughts are to ferment the beer as dry as...
  3. NovaTheMeadFaun


    Here is my question, I am wondering can you flavor after you have stabilized to strangeth the flavor? Like add raspberry juice after you stabilized when you go to back sweeten.