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  1. Heady Mate

    Building automation tech // Homebrewer

    Hey everyone, I'm a building automation tech professionally and I would love to apply some of the spare hardware I have lying around to my hobby! Anyone have any suggestions at a homebrew level? Right now I have my temp control and monitoring running to my controller that I can access via a web...
  2. A

    Auto Pouring Kegerator

    Hey everyone, Got pretty close to finishing my COVID project, so I wanted to share my Kreezer creation and a Iittle about it. My initial goal was to create a self pouring Kegerator with a minifridge. As I went through design iterations, I decided the bigger the better and landed on using a 7...
  3. SmokeyRydr

    Tired of HERMS, considering RIMS

    I'm not real happy with my HERMS process flow and considering switching to RIMS. I'd like your advice. Rig: I've got a good 3-vessle set of Keggles & dual pumps. my HLT has a HERMS coil installed and a 120v electric heater w/ PID control. I run the boil kettle with a gas burner and don't run...
  4. sensei247

    Review my wiring diagram? (BruControl fermentation automation)

    Hi All- I have finally decided to pull the trigger on automating my brewhouse. Starting with the cold side as I am a few months out from ordering my LODO Stout kettles. Cold side seems like an easier place to shake off the rust from my (light) comp sci/electrical eng university studies...
  5. Bernhard

    BierBot - Raspberry Pi powered beer brewing Software

    Dear US brewing enthusiasts, back in 2014 I tried to start a company and sell "BierBots". After selling 30 units and reaching "brake even" the market was saturated, so I closed the company again. Today, after finishing my education I finally found time to wrap everything up and post it on...
  6. E

    Weird topic for ya - Digital Monitoring

    I am sure this is nothing new with the folks that frequent here... I have experimented around with Arduino in the past quite a bit. Anyone ever build a fermentation monitor using one (Or Pi)? They have O2 sensors, CO2 sensors, and ethanol sensors. Add that to a graphical display, and you could...
  7. muhteeus

    muh's BruControl Build

    So, I started a PLC build way back when ('11-'12). The project fizzled out due to money, kids, life, etc... In the mean time, I worked several automated builds surrounding Raspberry Pi, Python, and QT5. reef-pi and a homebrew saltwater mixing station for Aquarium use (or RODI brew water). I...
  8. jangevaa

    Node-RED for Raspberry pi-based brewery control

    I've mentioned this in a few comments on HBT I think. I started using Strangebrew elsinore for a few years until development stopped, then Craftbeerpi until development stopped (and wrote some plugins along the way). For the last year or so I've been blazing my own path using Node-RED for my...
  9. Carmine Moleti

    AxHTherm Fermentation and Mashing

    Hi everyone, My name's Carmine and I'm an hobbyst homebrewer from Italy. Among my interests (brewing aside), there's electronics and software development, and that's what has pushed me and a couple of home brewer friends to build AxHTherm. AxHTherm is a fermentation and mashing control system...
  10. D

    Transformer Grounding Question

    I'm currently working on the control box for my HERMS system and getting ready to wire up the transformer to step the voltage down to 24 for the gas valve. I've listed the transformer and gas valve I'm using below. The installation instructions from Honeywell for the transformer say that it...
  11. shayes2791

    Electric/Automated Brewery Dilemma

    Hi All, I have been scouring this forum as well as others trying to figure out what I want for a brewery. Many here have been through many iterations of their breweries. I want to avoid that for the most part as I tend to do that with every hobby (and started to do with this) and my wife gets...
  12. tateconcepts

    PicoBrew PicoPak Brewing - General Discussion

    I was reading across this forum and found that several members continued to reference a Facebook group page for discussion on the PicoBrew system. The purpose of this thread and discussion is not of the PicoBrew itself (nor any marketing/PR), but of the PicoPaks available by microbreweries and...
  13. tateconcepts

    WTB PicoBrew Pico C with Smart Brewing Keg

    Hello, I'm seeking a used Pico C unit with included smart brewing keg, all cleaning accessories and anything you have. Will pay cash, local pickup in Dallas / Fort Worth only. PM me directly Brian
  14. A

    New CraftBeerPi Build - Need some advice.

    Hello HBT, I am waiting on a few parts still but am working on my CBP build. This is a 240v, 30 Amp build with a pump and 5500w element. This is a rough drawing and planning to add some more details as i go. Here is my current layout, however, i have a few questions/Thoughts. WiringDiagram...