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  1. B

    What PMV do I need to control the speed of my pump?

    Hello everyone, I was recommend to this category I received bought a pump for my homebrew setup. How does everyone control the speed of the pump? I’ve found so few mini chips with knobs but no idea what to pick. Stats: Name: Solar Water pump Brushless motor Material: Plastic Color: Black...
  2. S

    New Jersey Picobrew Zymatic (original)

    I'm selling a used Picobrew Zymatic. It includes a brand new step filter, 5 gallon corny keg, & all the accessories that came with it. To be honest, this would be a good unit for someone familiar with the zymatic or looking for a backup, or for replacement parts. It works but has its quirks...
  3. S

    New Jersey Pico Brew Z1

    Picobrew Z1 For Sale - $1,600 + shipping or best offer. Great condition, used 4 times. Everything's included Z1, Step Filter, Hop cages, 5 Gallon Corny keg, etc, etc, etc. I'll post pics later tonight.
  4. muhteeus

    muh's BruControl Build

    So, I started a PLC build way back when ('11-'12). The project fizzled out due to money, kids, life, etc... In the mean time, I worked several automated builds surrounding Raspberry Pi, Python, and QT5. reef-pi and a homebrew saltwater mixing station for Aquarium use (or RODI brew water). I...
  5. allthingsgiant

    PicoBrew Zymatic - complete system for sale in Seattle $1000

    Used exactly three times (might have some sawdust on it) - I stopped drinking beer (every day, oops), so my wife is now asking me to make room for my other hobbies :) Perfect condition, has all the original pieces, instruction manual, and even some of the cleaning tablets and anti-foam. $1000
  6. A

    Picobrew Zymatic

    Picobrew Zymatic Automated Home Brewing System Brews 2.5 Gallons of beer at a time. Includes 5 Gallon Brewing Keg and all accessories that come with a new unit. Located in Florence, Oregon Asking $800 OBO.
  7. U

    Recipe Variant

    I'm building an automated electric brewing technology for my brewery and I am trying to decide how best to implement the idea of a brew variant? Say a recipe calls for 5 lbs of a specific grain and I only have 4.9 lbs, I miscalculated :(. I'm in the garage ready to brew and this isn't a huge...
  8. M

    found pico for sale $200. Good price?

    Is this a good price: Thanks
  9. akroessler

    Michigan For Sale: BRUTUS 10, 10-20gal brewery

    Hello brewers! I'm upgrading to electric and 20 gal kettles. So my trusty direct fire recirc Brutus 10 is now for sale. Has a full panel for everything you need for recirc and to keep temperatures on ALL 3 burners. Stand is 2" steel with a powdercoat very heavy duty(has easily 150+ brews on...
  10. V

    Brewie B20 Automated Breing system

    Up for sale is my 1st generation Brewie B20. Have only made 5 batches and all have come out perfect. Paid $2200 originally and am willing to sell for $1200 (personal emergency - my loss is your gain). Located in the Philadelphia area so local pickup would be preferred due to the size of the...