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    Grainfather vs Anvil Foundry vs Brewzilla vs ???

    Since having kids (I now have three littles), my time to brew has become extremely limited. My setup is a two burner/tier rig I cobbled together with a couple pumps for all-grain batches. Brew days, including setup and cleanup take a solid 6 hours or so, which rarely have any more. I'm looking...
  2. J

    Control Panel with On/Off/Auto Switches

    I'm designing up a control panel for an electric BIAB setup. I'm looking for it to have two modes, three with off. On, which is basically just on and then auto where the relay is connected to a automated controller of some sort, craftbeerpi, brewblox, PID controller, etc. I haven't come...
  3. J

    For Sale FS: Picobrew Z2 (SF Bay Area, CA)

    Hi all, I have a lightly used PicoBrew Z2 setup (consisting of 2x PicoBrew Z units) that I no longer use (I'm not brewing these days) and wanted to get it into a home that would make good use of it. Each PicoBrew Z unit is capable of producing 2.5 gallons of beer, and you can use them in...
  4. D

    Finally! New Brewing System That Can Brew A Single Pint of Homebrew

    The world of automated brewing systems has exploded since the launch of the Pico Brew in 2013, automated brewing systems have been popping up like fruit flies in a house made out of bananas. Some big name examples like the BeerDroid / BeerFlo, the MiniBrew, IGulu, the Brewie and all the...
  5. A

    Top Five Brew Setups!

    There's a fine line between jealousy and inspiration and it's typically based on what I can afford. If you're new to HomeBrewTalk, or maybe you just never looked up, we have a section dedicated entirely to brew setups. You're not a dog. You can look up. Many, many members have shared their...