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  1. N

    Using fermentation pressure to bottle

    Alright, I have a feeling I'm going to get roasted for suggesting this but better that then I waste my time and money! What I'm attempting to do: I'll be brewing a few 3 gallon (both extract and all grain) batches using equipment I already own with the BIAB method. I want to ferment in a...
  2. B

    In-Line Oxygenation Help

    Hello fellow brewers :), This is my first post as a new member so I apologize if this is a repetitive post or if it is in the wrong section (I couldn’t find the question I’m looking to answer anywhere else on the forum). So basically I’m looking to take my brewing to the next level and...
  3. flars

    Yeast harvesting with the auto siphon

    Went down to my brew room to get the harvested over build from the previous starter out of the frig to prep for tomorrows brew day. No over build in the frig. In a small mental lapse I had pitched the entire starter into the Chinook IPA. No wonder I had a 6" yeast krausen. Well sanitized auto...