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  1. J

    EZ BOIL DSPR320 30 degree Temperature Variation

    I am using an AUBER Cube 2E with the EZ Boil DSPR320 with four inch PT-100 temperature probe and 20 gallon Spike Solo with basket. When in boil mode, the temperature reading at full boil on the EZ boil reads 82 degrees. Any thought as to why there would be a thirty degree temperature...
  2. L

    Colorado Brand New Auber brewing controller parts (Kal Clone)- Colorado Springss

    Fellow home brewers, I had a dream of building an Auber PID single element brewing controller, but never got around to it. This listing contains everything you need minus wires and a few plugs. For the exact parts, I took pictures of the inventory sheets. Everything is brand new. I am asking...
  3. P

    Auber SYL-2362 Wiring Questions

    OK, so I've searched through the threads but I can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for. Is anyone able to help me out with a simple explanation of how to wire up a SYL-2362, 24v transformer, and Honeywell valve? Simple line drawings I understand, but when we start to venture into...
  4. Kmo4040

    Auber Instruments SSR's

    Anyone here use Auber Instruments' SSR's ? If so are they any good? Any failures? Thanks!