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    Chronic attenuation issues

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping that someone could help me out. I've been brewing for 15+ years now. I would consider myself an advanced brewer. But I am stumped right now. My last (4X) batches, have been stuck at 1.020. current batch 10 Gallon My current batch: Hazy IPA 25lbs of Briess 2row...
  2. M

    Over Attenuated BarleyWine - What to do?

    My friend and I brewed a barleywine with that went from 1.110 to 1.014 in 4 days!!! What can I say...I make good starters...anyways, it's still fermenting and I really don't want it to drop any further as its already a bit drier than i wanted it to be. We mashed at 150 so I'm really surprise...