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  1. seatazzz

    It's a long shot...but any newish members from Cochise County AZ??

    Not a stalker, hear me out. Earlier this year (and we just found out in the last two weeks) a longtime well-respected member of this forum passed away. We know from public information that his house was sold, and the new owner took possession of his brewing equipment as well. He lived in...
  2. J

    Phoenix - South Valley - CO2 Fills

    Just moved to Maricopa (city not county) and need to get my tank filled. Not finding anywhere in town, which isn't really a surprise given the size, but does anybody know where on the south side, hopefully not far off the 10, to go to get tank fills? i.e. West Chandler, Ahwatukee, Tempe, near...
  3. S

    20 gallon Concord kettle with add-ons

    I have a 20 gallon comcord kettle for sale. Prefer local pickup or drop off . I'm located in Central Phoenix, AZ. I added a brewhardware weldless tc element port. I also added a brewhardware spin cycle (the long one). It also has 2 1/2 inch bulk heads for drain and thermometer. The 52 mm socket...
  4. thesanch

    Growing Hops in AZ.

    I started growing hops down here in Tucson, AZ. Started with just 2 varieties Cascade and Magnum(although I bought a few others to give to my aunt and father-in-law). Both are doing very well, but the Magnum seems to have an early lead. Checkout my blog for updates and pictures...