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  1. S

    Meadmakers Corner: Brewing A Cyser

    One of the great things about being a homebrewer is being able to use what’s in season where you are, and being able to get it into your brew at the peak of freshness. As summer has slipped away from us, we are now welcoming the fall. Hay rides, harvests, and of course apples? Apples you might...
  2. L

    The Cider Making No Brainer

    First off, if you aren’t already making hard cider, you should be. It really is a no brainer, which I will explain briefly here. Cider is cheap to make, easily sourced, hardly any work, and great for those friends who can’t do gluten! Your only materials are Apple cider/juice, yeast, and maybe a...
  3. A

    I don't know what it is, but I'm not sure it's fair to call it cider

    So my boyfriend and I decided to take up cider brewing during quarantine. We followed a YouTube recipe. It was all going swimmingly. It was bubbling a lot but so what? We just tasted it yesterday ready for bottling and it tastes waaay too strong. Like, spirit strong. We added almost a kilo of...
  4. Trey Ark

    Mouse Poo and Apples...

    Hey Everyone, I've been busy with multiple brews, college, and work. I left some of my favorite apples in the garage, meaning to use them the next day but life happened and they've sat out there. I've thrown out the rotting ones and found some mouse poop in one of my boxes. I have another box...
  5. G

    Help! What apples do I have?

    What apples do I have on this tree? And any tips for making cider with them? Cheers!
  6. B

    Virginia Excess NFC Apple Juice (250g Totes) For Sale

    We currently have an excess of frozen NFC apple juice in 250 gallon totes that we are wanting to sell. The Brix is ~12 and the blend is the following: 50% Northern Spy, 10% Ida Red, 10% Cortland, 10% Jonagold, 10% Mac, 10% Honeycrisp. It's a great cider blend and we don't want it to go to...
  7. Kent88

    non-traditional cider apple varieties

    So I have been looking for apple varieties for fermentation, and the best I could find was here. Thing is, besides McIntosh, Liberty, and Cortland, these aren't really the varieties I typically find in either the produce section of the grocery store, or the gurneys or jung catalogs. Are there...