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  1. H

    Apple Cider

    Goodday I am Human and I have a problem with my cider. I am busy fermenting my cider and noticed so white stuff on top of the cider while fermenting. I will attach a photo. If anyone know what it is and how to treat it please let me know. Kind regards Human
  2. B

    Apple cider / wine mix

    Currently making a sort of unique recipe. A wonderful park nearby has a public orchard, and whenever I go I take some apples home with me, and I've been putting them in the freezer not knowing what to do with them. With around 10 pounds of apples (and an apricot somehow) I decided that enough...
  3. Fern0022

    Cider Bottle Carb Issue

    I’m having issues with my cider bottles carbing. I used fresh grolsch flip top bottles and one plastic coke bottle (w/hot glue) to gauge the average pressure. After 10 days the coke bottle had not firmed up. I popped one of the glass bottles and it’s flat. It’s darn good and strong, but I prefer...
  4. Mistivor

    New Brewer Wanting Advice

    I started my first brew 1pm yesterday and today at 6am I've found that it's fizzing and a must is already starting to form. I got my brew set up on an air lock now. Is the speed in which my fermentation set a good thing or should I be worried? Full process: We started off with prepping some...
  5. R

    Brew Pal and iOS 14.5/.1

    I updated my phone to iOS 14.5, and Brew Pal no longer opens. My guess is that the new security feature is incompatible with this ancient software. Anyone know how to skate around it, other than the obvious… get an old device? I love this app and would live to continue to use it. I tried to...
  6. R

    Apple juice in Mead

    Hi, I'm Pedro and I wanted to start making Cyser. I spent hours searching and i could not find how much apple juice or water i have to put per kilogram (1 kilogram = 2 pounds) of honey. Can anyone help me? I'm new to all of this so i don't know very much of brewing. And one more thing, i saw...
  7. Bertramhage

    Methods to increase yield of low-yield apples?

    I have some apples that yields quite a low amount of juice compared to other ones. Does anyone have experience with ways to increase the juice yield of such apples. Have been considering freezing them or using a coarser cloth. (I’m currently using a regular grater mill and basket press)
  8. Box

    Back at it!

    Hey everyone! After posting about my first try and receiving lots of useful help I decided to have another go at homemade refreshments! The first batch...well, as alot of people said it sort of turned out like a wet bread flavor or "plain" beer if it could be called that. This time I'm trying...
  9. J

    Does anyone know what type of apple this is?

    These are growing on a tree in my yard and I’m unsure what type they are/whether they are suitable For making cider. I thought they were crabapples but am unsure if they can get this big! They are about 3 inches across of it helps.
  10. Aróchito

    Dry hopping cider with Saaz hop Pellets

    Hey folks, does anyone have experience dry hopping cider with Saaz hops? thanks
  11. M

    Mold on my mead?

    Good evening, a few days ago (14/04) I decided to make my own mead for the first time. I have used apples to do the fermentation process like on the recipe that I found on youtube. For the first and second days, obviousy i didn't have noticed any signs of fermentation. Today, when I checked it...
  12. Aróchito

    Re-brewing a Weak Cider. Pointers??

    Hello folks, Not sure why, but after following the same recipe (with a different yeast with high abv potential and different brand of juice) I made a weaker cider than I would have liked. My guess is 2-3%abv (as I didn't take a gravity reading) when last time the same recipe ended up closer to...
  13. Aróchito

    Cider's been brewing. Too late to add sugar?

    My cider's been in primary for almost 3 weeks. About to put it in secondary, but I'd like to make it a little stronger. I originially put in some sugar along with the yeast nutrient and yeast. Is it too late to boost the abv with some extra sugar? Thanks in advance.
  14. N

    It's got no flavor

    I finally drew samples to test two ciders that had fermented out all the way. They are not the oldest batches but they are the clearest and with the least amount of lees. I had my friend and my mother try it in addition to myself and the consensus was.... no real flavor. It wasn't an issue...
  15. Aróchito

    Need Advice: Making Caffienated Cider

    Hello there, I would like to add caffeine to my apple cider when it's done. Any ideas? So far I'm thinking yerba mate or coffee... Though I'm wondering if I can do something a little more interesting. Thanks in advance.
  16. N

    Trader Joe's Pink Lady juice

    Public service announcement: I went to my local Trader Joe's today and saw that they now have Pink Lady apple juice/cider as well as the Honeycrisp. It wasn't there a week or so ago. It's in 64 ounce (half gallon) bottles. Just like the Honeycrisp it is not from concentrate and unfiltered...
  17. N

    Does anyone use quince?

    I know I already have a long thread going but I wanted to ask specifically about using quince in cider making. I am fortunate enough to have several pounds of quince. So far I have been freezing it in slices and puree form for later use in things like jams, sauces, etc. But I was thinking of...
  18. RedSkyGuy

    Reversing flavor affects of heat pasteurized cider

    A 6 gal batch of carbonated cider I made turned out great from a local orchard that does not pasteurize. Using the same yeast, similar apples and environment I made a batch from “another” orchard that uses heat to pasteurize there cider. It doesn’t taste bad, just less complex and bland. Any...
  19. F

    making cider juice from apple jelly?

    i made some apply jelly last year and froze some. its basically apple juice+sugar+lemon juice without anything else. could i mix some with water and brew it for a little apple juice with a kick? i will have some Lavin 1118 in the near future, would this be a suitable yeast? somebody tried this...
  20. datagreier

    Fun, consistent cider recipies from kits

    I've been experimenting with using kits to make tasty and fun ciders with consistent results (as the concentrates are rather consistent in flavour). I've mainly been using Mangrove Jacks Craft Series Apple Cider and Mangrove Jacks Craft Series Pear Cider. As far as I can see, these can be bought...