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  1. The Experimenter

    What type of wine/brew would you classify this as?

    Introduction: Hi! I'm the Experimenter and I'm new here (just created my account like 1 hour ago). I am also new to brewing and have been doing it for 3 months (as of today). I got into it mostly because I thought it would be fun (and it is!!) and to share what I make with family and friends...
  2. Westgaard

    How much is too much?

    Good afternoon, Bottled/racked to second fermentation an apple wine today and I can’t tell if I need to add some fluid to the bottle or if there is enough in there to keep it from having too much oxygen exposure. I put a pinch of sugar in thinking that I might be able to get a small fermentation...
  3. Westgaard

    Incorrect Gravity Readings

    Good afternoon, I just made a 1/2 gallon batch of apple wine using bottled apple juice, Red Star Premier Blanc yeast and a few raisins...and a whole mess of sugar. My OG reading was higher than I meant it to go (1.20, checked twice) and after only 11 days it has apparently stopped fermenting...
  4. DerSchopferVonEbbelwoi

    The Quest for True Apfelwein

    Greetings, fellows. I’m new here, and I’m new to brewing. Over my years of perusing brew forums and seeing friends brew, I’ve noticed that standard practice among home-brewers is to use added sugars, “yeast nutrients” (isn’t what you’re fermenting nutritious enough for the yeast?), chemical...
  5. M

    Frozen apple juice wine isn't fermenting... What do I do?! :(

    I am very new to wine making and only have one kit under my belt. I wanted to make some cheap apple apple wine from apple juice concentrate. I based my recipe on a welches grape juice recipe First time...