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  1. blasterooni

    Oakland, ca Hansens apple juice 1.99 1/2gal

    Grocery outlet in oakland, California (the one on broadway and 29th, other locations might have it as well) has 1/2 gallons of apple juice for $1.99 ($4.00 a gallon). Pretty damn good for a quick batch of cider. Only ascorbic acid, no other preservatives. This deal has been pretty constant over...
  2. B

    Strawberry and apple cider

    About a month ago I started off some apple and strawberry cider using just store bought apple juice, ribena strawberry cordial, yeast and sugar and it’s turned out beautifully Anyone got any other tasty yet simple ideas? Thanks in anticipation
  3. Angus MacDonald

    New to cider brewing

    Hey folks. I'm fairly new to home brewing, in fact I'm supping on my first homebrew of ale as I type this. I'm interested in making some cider next and I'm wondering, how much apple juice would you recommend for a 25L capacity fermenting tub? Obviously filling the tub with 25L of apple juice...
  4. B

    Virginia Excess NFC Apple Juice (250g Totes) For Sale

    We currently have an excess of frozen NFC apple juice in 250 gallon totes that we are wanting to sell. The Brix is ~12 and the blend is the following: 50% Northern Spy, 10% Ida Red, 10% Cortland, 10% Jonagold, 10% Mac, 10% Honeycrisp. It's a great cider blend and we don't want it to go to...