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  1. J

    Using a Cider Base with Corn Syrup

    Hey cider gurus! About to brew a Graf and wanted this communities opinion on this product: All looks fine and brandy, but when I received the product, to my confusion, the first listed ingredient - making it top bill...
  2. W

    I need help understanding the order of steps..

    Ok. So I already started 15 gallons of apple cider in several carboys and have begun racking to secondary. But I’m trying to figure out in what order I make amendments etc. Please let me know what’s what. 1. Finish primary fermentation (I already tested SG levels and it’s all below 1.010) 2...
  3. N

    It's got no flavor

    I finally drew samples to test two ciders that had fermented out all the way. They are not the oldest batches but they are the clearest and with the least amount of lees. I had my friend and my mother try it in addition to myself and the consensus was.... no real flavor. It wasn't an issue...
  4. JP Smajda

    Home Freeze Concentrating Apple Juice... Have you done it?

    Has anybody had any luck freeze concentrating Apple Juice at home? My plan was to concentrate it like you would an Apple Jack. Freeze a container of Juice, let half of it thaw into a vessel. Hoping that the water will remain and a thicker apple juice concentrate will come out. "Why? Just...