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  1. baron

    1st Apfelwein

    Made my first Apfelwein (from Ed Wort's recipe) on 6/17/18. Just kegged it last night (9/25). Tastes very good --I'm impressed. Nice, dry, and clear with a hint of apple. Only to get better with age I assume. I followed Ed Wort's recipe exactly except used LD Carlson Cider House select yeast...
  2. S

    Different Juices for Cider?

    Hey all, Still a novice here. A while back I made some of Edwort's Apfelwein and loved it because it was so simple to make. So on that note, I was wondering, could I substitute the apple juice for another type of juice and get the same result with a different flavor? Or go half and half? How...
  3. DerSchopferVonEbbelwoi

    The Quest for True Apfelwein

    Greetings, fellows. I’m new here, and I’m new to brewing. Over my years of perusing brew forums and seeing friends brew, I’ve noticed that standard practice among home-brewers is to use added sugars, “yeast nutrients” (isn’t what you’re fermenting nutritious enough for the yeast?), chemical...
  4. F

    Super High Gravity Apfelwein (what did i get myself into?)

    im a pretty novice brewer, and I am starting to feel that I have made a rather large mistake in my attemp to make an apfelwein. so I started with 64 oz of all natural 100% apple juice, then added the pulp and juice from 7 red delicious apples (put through the juicer) then I added 32 oz water...
  5. TVarmy

    Do I need to wait until I see no bubbles whatsoever to bottle?

    Hi, I'm currently making a batch of apfelwein, and it's past the two week mark and still bubbling. It's in a cold basement, so that's probably to be expected. I think it's too much of a pain to check the gravity (ie sanitizing the hydrometer and everything), so should I not bother until I can...
  6. D

    "Apple Pie A La Mode" Cider advice?

    A friend of mine wants to make apple pie a la mode flavored cider. We are both beginners, and our researching efforts have left us with some questions. Is it possible to make this cider thick and creamy? He's considering adding oatmeal (think thick oatmeal stout). I'm wondering about...