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  1. M

    The 3 Square Meter Brewery

    Okay, you live in an apartment; But what if you don’t want to have to brew in the kitchen and hide away your toys afterward? What if you wanted to have a dedicated home brewery? That’s my case. We live in a flat. Luckily we have two restrooms – one is supposed to be a ‘guest’ restroom, though we...
  2. BlackQueenBrews


    New homebrewer from NE Ohio! Got a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas and brewed my first batch last weekend-Long Play IPA. Looking forward to great conversation and tips in my home brewing journey I live in an apartment so, the Mr. Beer system is ideal! I really like fruit beers and sours but...
  3. JGF

    Help with a simple setup

    I've been brewing - on and off depending upon free time and where I've lived - for 25 years so. I started with extract many years ago and have done all grain for about 15 years. Brewed sub-4% beers to about a 13% barely wine. Done a few sours, parti-gyles, multi-step mashes, etc. So, I'm no...
  4. redrobot

    Do I need a kegerator?

    I'm considering switching to kegging with my next batch, but while I think I can get the kegging equipment approved by SWMBO I'm not so sure about a kegerator (space and power requirements). Is it necessary to have a kegerator/keezer when kegging, or could I get away with a jockey box setup...