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  1. Gadjobrinus

    Ancient Egyptian beer using bread?

    My son is doing a pretty cool research project on ancient Egypt and his prof himself years ago did some work on ancient brewing methods. He has several terra cotta pieces, the larger pot for fermentation and 4 smaller holders which I believed is where they baked bread to be later quartered and...
  2. lifeisafarm

    'Toast Ale' recipe, but primitive style – possible? Just saw that this company made their recipe "open source", which is cool of them. I was disappointed to discover that bread is only a tiny proportion of the recipe. I have a few newbie questions coming from a "simple as possible" or "primitive beer"...
  3. lifeisafarm

    Basic primitive filter idea

    Hi all. This is probably a REALLY stoooopid idea, but I'm an amateur who likes to think outside the box, so... :D I am into very primitive methods of brewing, i.e. as quick, cheap and low-tech or "down-and-dirty" as possible. I'm not after a "perfect" beer, but rather exploring the simplest...