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  1. B

    Recipe Numbers Not Adding Up: 5 Common Causes

    Ever find a great looking recipe - on a website, in a book, or elsewhere plug it into your brewing software - and the numbers just don't add up? I'm specifically talking about the IBUs and the specific gravity. It can be frustrating! Here are the main reasons why that happens: (Note: I've...
  2. RedlegEd

    Tennessee - Water Analysis for Collierville, TN

    Hi all. It's been about four years, so I just got my second water analysis from Ward Labs for Collierville city water. I'm happy to share with anyone in this area who is brewing whole grain. Ed
  3. beervoid

    Grains, post fermentation minerals and lab analysis

    Hey everyone, I've been wrapping my head around water profiles and mineral additions.. The final frontier of brewing for me it seems. We got great tools to calculate water profiles but since yeast, malts and other grains bring minerals to the table it seems kind of a black art to me to get a...
  4. C

    Trust me I'm a chemist.

    Guys and Gals, My name is Cory, I am a TTB certified chemist in Michigan and wanted to jump in here to let people know that I'm available as a resource for all your testing needs, if so required. I can test anything from ABV on beer, wine, or distilled spirits, to Hops (alpha, beta...