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  1. Odysseus

    Molasses Oatmeal Porter (Anglo-Colonial Historical)

    Inspired by 17th and 18th century Anglo-Colonial brewing techniques, I will be making a 1 gallon batch of Molasses Oatmeal Porter in honor of George Washington/Independence Day tomorrow. Besides Gen. Washington's own recipe, which was simply molasses, hops, water and yeast, I will be drawing...
  2. D

    The Illustrated Brewer - Hops

    Hops. Those little green flowers that bring so much joy to us, especially to APA and IPA lovers around the world. Lets take an illustrated journey through the world of Hops. Yes, we all know what makes a hop a hop, but what about the history, or how much is grown where? Northwest Hops Production...
  3. J

    American IPA Imminent Rueage American IPA

    This is a pretty basic, Old School West Coast American IPA, inspired by the greats, like Humalupalicious. This beer hasn't been through any competitions but my wife and I love it, (my wife is very particular about beer so I feel that this beer was very successful!) Ca 72, Mg 11, Na 11, Cl 60...
  4. F

    IPA water

    Hi all, been experimenting with a bunch of water profiles lately, I wanted to share some of my own and see what people have been using lately, think of these and which is your "go to" water profile for an american IPA and compare. Profile1: CA 99 Mg 18.20 Na 8 SO4 242.7 Cl 52.50 HCO3 16...
  5. MaxM

    What did I make?

    I made what was called a "Honey Kolsch" the other day, but I fermented it with US-05. It tastes pretty good, but I don't think it would be right to call it a Kolsch... For 5G 6 lb Gold Malt Extract 1 lb Honey 1 oz Vanguard (AA 6.0%) @60 min 1 oz Vanguard (AA 6.0%) @30 min 11.5g US-05 American...
  6. D

    Adding hops to bulldog ipa

    hey everyone. I’ve done a few kits and played around with flavours but I’ve been given a bulldog ipa (which is my favourite style beer) however I do love a hoppy ale, my question is if I add some extra hops for flavour am I better adding it as a tea (boiled water before adding can) or should I...
  7. JimE

    American Strong Ale Tropical American Strong Ale

    I brewed this 2.5 weeks ago, and kegged and force carbonated it tonight. I'm very happy with how it turned out. It should get better conditioning in the next 2 weeks. I hope that there is some left by then. If this were lighter and cloudy, it could be a NEIPA If you have any recommendations...