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  1. Alan Reginato

    Kveik vs Be-134 in an American IPA

    Here's the recipe: *Inverted Sugar was priming. Aiming 3 vol co2. Brewd 2 months ago. I splited batch, inoculated one with Voss Kveik and other with be-134. Kveik. Fermented @ 35 C, it smelled like tangerine or orange peel. Nice. But it tasted like a bitter tangerine or orange peel. I...
  2. Troy Cleveland

    Infusing MJ with a great IPA or DIPA

    Hey, not sure if this convo is frowned upon but I have a question for any brewer out there who has at least some experience with infusing MJ with their fav IPA. I know that it's legal in some states and it will be legal country wide here in Canada this year (if our Gov't doesn't **** the bed)...
  3. SouthPhillyBr3w3r

    American IPA Best Birthday IPA

    This batch will be a birthday present for one of my closest friends. I would love to get some feedback. I am hoping to make a twist on a West Coast IPA. In addition to the usual citrus, floral, and pine, I want to have a very strong, fruity nose with hints of tropical. I am concerned I am...
  4. beerlover77

    American IPA LushJuice IPA

    LushJuice IPA - American IPA (14B) Batch Size 5.630 gal Boil Size 7.130 gal Boil Time 1.000 hr Efficiency 82% OG 1.065 sg FG 1.016 sg ABV 6.7% IBU 68.9 (Tinseth) Color 7.6 srm (Morey) Estimated calories (per 12 oz) 217 Total grain: 12.625 lb Name...
  5. enohcs

    American IPA My 2-time gold winning American IPA

    Mash at 154 for 60min. I had 70%eff American Rahr (2 row) Pale: 11.50lbs American Briess Crystal 20 1.00lbs American Briess Light Munich 0.75lbs American Briess Carapils 0.75lbs American Briess Torrified Wheat 0.25lbs Chinook (Pellet) 1oz 30min...